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It is our mission to provide informational and educational content about medical cannabis to medical professionals and patient advocates, as well as to businesses and community leaders.

About Us

The Medical Cannabis Report is a news, information, and entertainment network, geared toward the medical cannabis patient and/or adult-use enthusiast. We believe that well-produced content can be brought to viewers by those who are dedicated to serving our community through the medical cannabis industry. The Medical Cannabis Report strives to provide people with a means to access quality content regarding how to discuss, access, and utilize medical cannabis. With so many states in the process of implementing medical cannabis programs, the need for reliable information is crucial. The Medical Cannabis Report has already gained much momentum and support through organic social media campaigns, as well as some community-based sponsorship. We continue to grow our audience, and have several new programs in pre-production, ready to inform, educate, and entertain our viewers.

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"We are ready, the industry is preparing, and the laws are just catching up...Now is our time...Now is our purpose."

~ Don Barto Jr


What began as a dream to curate and share quality information about the safe and effective use of medical cannabis, has grown into a mission to produce and distribute the best available video content to communities who are deepening in their exposure and knowledge of cannabis. Through our continued efforts, and support of our supportive audience, we will keep you up to date, informed, and able to make safe and effective choices about cannabis.


Round tables and forums of medical cannabis discussion


Teaching and learning resources to help you and your community better understand medical cannabis


Stories of success, endurance, and the spread of public awareness

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